Why Fashion Matters: 3 Fundamental Facts


  1. Your Identity


Fashion is not just what you wear it is a statement about who you are. The way you dress should reflect you, whether you choose to make an impact or you want to wear something casual, what you decide to put on can influence your mood and how you feel about yourself in that moment. Your clothes can shape first impressions on people before you even engage with them. Being fashionable isn’t always about following the latest trends. It is about being able choose which current items resonate with you and reflect your own sense of style.


  1. Standing Out


Being confident in what you choose to wear is about understanding your own sense of style and fashion identity. This can help to make you stand out in a crowd because whether you choose something new to wear, a go to item or a favourite coloured piece or accessory, your mood and the way you feel in that outfit is what can help to make you feel unique and original.


  1. Boost Your Well Being


Having your own sense of style and being confident in what you wear means that in some ways fashion can contribute to your positive well being. A chosen outfit has the ability to ignite confidence within you. It is all about feeling comfortable in what you wear. However, sometimes if you feel uncomfortable in your choice of clothing it can negatively affect your mood and this can also tear down your self confidence. Therefore, experimenting with what pieces you like to wear to explore your fashion identity is crucial.


Overall, fashion matters because it can allow you to express your individuality, promote your self confidence and help to create a positive self image. Without these fundamentals, who are you really dressing for?