Styling Sharp: How to Style your Tracksuit

 The tracksuit has come a long way from its roots. The word no longer conjures up images of 70’s velour and power-walkers, instead manifesting in a much classier way.


The tracksuit is the perfect combination of comfort, style, and now even luxury. Nothing says put together quite like a colour coordinated set. But there are hundreds of ways to style your tracksuit to make sure that you’re getting the most wear out of whilst looking the best you possibly can.


Mix and Match


Tracksuits have moved far beyond the realm of lounge wear and active gear – they’re a daytime staple.


The statement matching tracksuit has been around for years – one only has to look to cult brands like Supreme, Champion, and Gucci for inspiration. In any colour you want, a coordinated look can never disappoint.


Not feeling brave enough for head to toe matching? Start with the basics. Contrast colours with some simple layers and different fabrics. Fashion is an art; it’s all about the experimentation. Don’t be afraid to play around with your look.




Keep it casual. Lean to those accessories that you’d pair with your activewear; athletic fabrics, cool constructions, and an overall sleek vibe. Pair with your favourite trainers for an easily put together look. Your accessories are an extension of your outfit, and it’s all about the balance.  Let the tracksuit do the talking and keep it simple.


It’s all about the confidence


Don’t be scared to wear what you want. Tracksuits lend themselves to athleisure – the hint is in the name. But active wear doesn’t mean you have to chuck on any old hoodie and call it a day. Need a fit that can take you from brunch, to the shops, to the gym and all the way back? Time to reach for your tracksuit.


 The key to styling any outfit is confidence. If you feel good, you’ll look good.