Finding Your Fashion Inspiration

Finding your style can seem difficult, but inspiration can come from anywhere. If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe and change your style, it’s all about knowing where to look:


  1. Start with people you know.


If you don’t know where your personal style is heading, your most basic resource is all around you. Look to your family and friends to find inspiration and use their outfits as your starting point. What do they wear that you’re drawn to? You don’t have to start with celebrity status – your greatest inspiration might be living right across the street!


  1. The online world.


The internet is a gift when it comes to finding your style. Type in keywords such as ‘classy’, ‘athleisure’, or ‘street style’ if you know that’s what you’re drawn to. If you aren’t so sure, keep it a little bit more open. Click through what comes up and ask yourself whether you can picture yourself in those outfits. Look at what celebrities wear on social media, taking screenshots of any outfit pairings you think are good. Pinterest is a fantastic place to start.


  1. Go window shopping.


Keep an eye on displays when you’re out and about. Mannequins can be styled in ways that you never would have thought of! Window shopping is a great way to pay attention to trends and explore new ways to layer products. Window shopping can even be done in the comfort of your own bedroom – brands constantly post their look books on their website for some styling inspiration.


  1. Go beyond clothes.


Inspiration doesn’t just have to come from brands, runways, or mannequins. It doesn’t even have to come from fashion. You can find inspiration in art, film, music, and even animals.  If you see a clash of colours or a print that you like, don’t be afraid to try and incorporate them into your wardrobe. This kind of real-world inspiration is where so much of the clothing we see in our wardrobes starts from. By looking outside of traditional fashion, you can truly create a look that is totally unique.