Fashion & Impression: 3 ways to make your worst enemy jealous

When searching for The Perfect Dress, or indulging in a comfy tracksuit, what do you consider first?  For me, it’s all about looking good on a budget, but still maintaining a classy look.  The limits are endless when it comes to fashion, and if you’ve got the right mindset, anything is possible.

No matter the occasion, looking good is a key focus for most people: the empowerment you hold over anyone when donning a gorgeous fit is unforgettable.  Here are 3 valuable tips to always remember when stepping into your wardrobe: (I promise they work!)


  1. Wear complimentary colours


It’s so important to wear outfits and accessories which really say YOU.  If you’re anything like me, dark colours will be your go-to outfit, simply because it suits my skin tone, hair, facial features, and even body shape!  The tones and colours you wear often say a lot about your personality or feelings, but a lot of the time we wear clothes just because we love them!  Combining outfits which possess an element of contrast or complement each other, is a great way to make yourself stand out, because varying tones and shadows create dimension, depth, and a strong sense of uniqueness.  When doing this, it might be a good idea to break through the societal norms, and just be fun or come off in a way which is unbothered and bold.  This can help to find your true self, and impress anyone you meet.  

To find new ways of wearing colour or testing contrasting/complementary tones, it’s encouraged to check out colour wheels or just experiment with anything!  Creativity is a key focus amongst fashion, and with this, a daring, dimensional new look will emerge from your own wardrobe.  


  1. Buy within your means- looking good doesn’t always mean expensive!


When shopping for clothes, what’s your first concern?  For more people than we’d care to admit, a top priority when perusing your favourite store is how much you can afford to spend.  Setting yourself a budget beforehand, can really help to become a true savvy shopper.  No matter the occasion, it never needs to be expensive to make a crowd gaze in awe.  Yes, it feels amazing to own a super-expensive designer bag, but there are so many cheaper alternatives that are just as good!  If you love sustainable living, checking out local charity shops and thrift stores are a must.  There are always bargains to be found in there- you can get a whole outfit for less than £20!  By shopping for less, you can help the planet, as well as look stunning in a new-found outfit.


  1. Confidence- You won't get anywhere in life without it!


As a shy, awkward child, I yearned for the power which the outgoing kids had, and today I feel the importance of boosting our confidence is vital more than ever before.  COVID certainly hasn’t helped, regarding people’s state of mind and limitations, so it’s highly important to uphold a positive mindset, whatever the circumstances.  In terms of clothing and fashion, no matter what you’re wearing, the secret to looking gorgeous is the way you hold yourself.  Hold on tightly to your power, your strengths, and play to the crowd.  Take the example of the small, withering girl in the corner, and the bold, glowing goddess who everyone loves.  Who would we want to be?  I know my answer for sure.  

To achieve confidence, it can often be very difficult for some people, but with the clothes you adore, and a bit of self-love, this can be achieved effortlessly.  The timeless catchphrase, “fake it till you make it”, is so true!  If you hold the positive, confident mindset, any outfit will look and feel amazing.  The power you hold when owning your confidence is priceless.


Now, there it is! Three ways you can make an impression on anyone, with a little bit of help from your wardrobe.  I guarantee once you do these things, you’ll never go back.  Always remember, if you look good, anything is possible.