5 Ways Fashion Can Enhance Your Mental Health (Even in a Global Pandemic!)

Mental health has never been more important than it is now. Throughout the unprecedented year that we have all suffered, it is extremely important that your mental health is prioritised and that your lifestyle is considering how to boost positivity.


Fashion is one of the minute factors that we still have during our current day-today lives whilst living in a national lockdown and can be a great way to improve your individual mental wellbeing. Although a lot of the discussion surrounding Fashion may spread negativity such as fast fashion and brands using unethical practices, there is also so many unnoticed benefits of fashion, especially on our mental health.


  1. Emerging Confidence Within.

Confidence is one of the key factors of having a good state of mental wellbeing. Fashion and the items that you wear can be a key factor to unleashing your confidence and making you feel better within. If you are wearing items, that make you feel good and make you feel even more amazing, this can be beneficial to not just your mental health but can make you more proactive during the day too!


  1. Incorporating colour

During the dark and dreary days of repetitive lockdowns, colours become extremely apparent and have a powerful impact on how people feel and act. Different colours can evoke different feelings so bright colours can call for more positive emotions.


  1. Individuality is Important

Fashion allows individuals to have a sense of freedom and being individual. Through the various combinations of outfits that can be worn, fashion allows for people to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions into what the wear, feeling better about themselves.


  1. Shopping is Mentally Rewarding

Although it may sound strange, shopping is considered a pleasurable activity, which can increase the amount of dopamine in parts of our brains. So essentially, it boosts our mood and generally makes us feel better!


  1. Authentic and Creative

Fashion doesn’t have to be just about showcasing different items by wearing it. Ideas such as up-cycling and designing new items to produce can improve our mental health too!


Fashion can improve our mental health in several different ways, even in ways that may not be so obvious. It is something that can be accessed from your house. And even something with doesn’t need a whole lot of time invested to it, it is a simplistic way to boost your mood.