Hooray! We’ve finally made it to the month of carving out pumpkins and preparing ourselves for the upcoming Halloween parties, but how can your costume catch everyone’s attention? Here are five simple steps to help you stand out this Halloween.


Your costume.

This is the topmost important factor as this is what everyone will identify you as. Making sure you have on a distinctive costume will help you be conspicuous from the crowd, whether that’s dressing up as a witch or even a character from squid game. Make sure your outfit is as exclusive as possible!



Your hair can make or break a Halloween costume. Therefore, whether you buy a coloured wig or style your hair, you want to make sure it matches your outfit accurately.


Your character.

Halloween is a day where you can become someone else and step into their shoes, so you need to act like them. Change your mindsets to your chosen person, talk like them, walk like them, behave like them. This will help to make you much more separate from everybody else.



Applying make-up helps you to fit into your ideal character much more. Nothing hurts by spreading a few face paints and fake cuts to give a more realistic image. Not only will you represent your chosen character much more, but you will also be very distinct from people who may have picked the same person as you.


Accessories and details.

Detail is vital as this is where many people go wrong. In that case, focusing on as much detail as possible can make you much more superior. This could be by having the same-coloured shoes as your outfit, wearing the same bag as your chosen character, or adding a few bits of jewellery.


Shaznay Bartley