3 Simple Steps to put the “Fashion” into Modest Fashion

Modest fashion. 

Something we’ve all heard and seen especially with the rise of platforms like TikTok, showing us that modesty is whatever YOU want it to be.

For me, being a muslim woman in the western world can often cause difficulty in looking good whilst covering up, especially when wanting to partake in the latest trends in fashion - or even setting them. However, I’m going to tell you that you don't have to compromise on fashion and keeping modest with these three simple steps. 

  • Keep it Big
  • Baggy clothes ALL THE WAY! 

    Wearing clothes that are a little oversized can make anything casual look cute. Oversized jacket or jumper can really be a lifesaver in any wardrobe. Especially with a cute bag and jewellery (which I’ll touch on later). You can even layer a long sleeve under a tee.

    This is especially good when you want to go for the “I just threw this on and still look put together” vibe. Not to mention how comfortable it is! It’s a perfect look for a little walk around town and grab a coffee with your friends. 

  • Know Your Colours 
  • This tip will help anyone’s fashion, modest or not! 

    Colours can make or break any look. Knowing what goes well together can really be the difference between stylish and shambles. It’s important to note that colours that work for you, might not work for everyone else. It really takes trial and error to make things perfect for you. 

    Personally, I like mixing different shades of similar colours together, various blues and pink hues are found in my collection. I also like having a bit of contrast in colour, white with dark blue or yellow and black. I find these make me stand out but still make me feel like myself. It’s all about experimenting and making sure that you’re comfortable in what you're wearing,

  • Add some Bling 
  • Jewellery, bags, shoes - the little details are what counts. 

    If you haven’t got a ton of choices yet, don’t worry! It’s best to start out with accessories that you can mix and match with various outfits. I’d opt for a white or black handbag to begin with. Jewellery is always my most favourite bit to add to any look. What I’d recommend is to buy some inexpensive gold or silver (depending on what you think suits you the most). Necklaces and rings are some staples of mine. A pair of trainers or heels that you can wear with a bunch of outfits are a must have too! 

    Have fun with this! 

    Modest doesn’t have to be boring. You can still be fashionable and have fun with what you're wearing! Remember, what you wear is a representation of who you are. So make sure you represent yourself honestly - in style of course!