3 revolutionary ways to stand out from the crowd…


  1. Unstick yourself from the trends!

don’t stick to trends. Be you. Don’t follow trends you may see on Instagram or any social media platform. You may be thinking wait what don’t follow trends?! But yeah, don’t because it will only make you look similar to everyone else. you want stand out right?! you want to be exclusive, different to all the biscuits in the tin. Be rare! Don’t follow trends set the trends opt for things you wouldn’t see your favourite influencers wearing or clothing trends that are not flying around on tiktok or twitter. I repeat DON’T FOLLOW TRENDS! and personally that’s something that I’ve really learned and taken on board. Trends die out very quickly today camo might be in tomorrow joggers might be in the next day white shirts and corset belts, if you keep buying into the trends you won’t only look like everyone on social media but you’ll end up spending so much money on clothes and trends that no one cares for anymore, go for staple items. Go for something that you don’t see been worn all the time. That’s right, go for something you don’t see all the time. Something quirky something that will make others inspired by what you are wearing.



  1. Comfort zone?! What’s that?

wear clothes that are out your comfort zone. Yes, you heard it here, wear clothes that you would scroll past on a fast fashion brand website day to day. Wear clothes that are slightly out your comfort zone. Personally, for me I tend to go for clothes that I know that if I saw it in a shop or on a website, I would think what no! lately I’ve been getting into more street wear, something that if you told me 2 years ago, I would be wearing I would think you’re out of your mind. So, I tend to go for more baggy trousers or mum jeans (as they are very loose fitting) I go for more graphic tees. Me, I love trainers so I’m looking at more trainers that I wouldn’t have worn a year ago so trainers like retro 4s, I even got converses the other day! when have I ever! Obviously when we’re allowed out, I will definitely be styling and profiling with them! Go for something that stands out to you something that is eye catching and different from your comfort zone.



Yes! Confidence is key. You can be wearing a banging outfit, something that is 10/10 but if you’re not feeling confident in the clothing, you’re wearing it can make the clothes look horrible. Straight 2/10. Be confident in what you are wearing. Don’t make the clothes look like its one advert own the clothes you’re wearing. It links to your mental health, be happy in what you are wearing. Make sure it makes you happy. Be your own hypeman in your clothes. I’ve personally found that when you wear something it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea people may find your outfit horrible and that’s the harsh reality of this society but if it makes you happy, if it makes you feel confident… OWN IT! Don’t wait on anyone’s approval but wear it because it makes you feel confident and that’s something I’ve learned, to feel confident and happy in what I’m wearing and if someone doesn’t like it that’s ok because I’M wearing it. REMEMBER: you wear the clothes don’t let the clothes wear you.

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Written by Ketsia Keyambe