To be fashionable you must think outside the box and stand out from the crowd. You may not know where to begin so here are some easy steps to get started:



No. 1: Be Unique

If everyone dressed the same, it would be boring! Use your style to your advantage and show the world who you are through what you wear. Be adventurous – perhaps you could add a pop of colour or an eye-catching accessory to make your outfit stand out? No matter what you wear, remember to wear it for yourself because in the end how you feel when you wear an outfit matters a lot more than what other people think!


No. 2: Experiment

You never know if you never try. Have fun experimenting try a new colour or shade, a new item or even a different style entirely! You could even mix and match lots of different styles. Inspiration is all around us – you can take inspiration anywhere from a film or magazine to an influencer’s social media or a friend’s outfit. When you try new things, you get a better idea of what suits you and what it is you want to tell people through your style. 


No. 3: Wear it with confidence

No matter what you wear if you wear it with confidence you will always look good. Dress to please yourself: if you like something you should wear it. Put on an outfit, hold your head high and you will convince everyone you look good. Own your style and never be afraid to stand out from the crowd!